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December 10, 1992 – December 19, 2012


Thomas Oliver Doty left this world on December 19th to forever be with his Loving Heavenly Father. Thomas is survived by his parents, Tom and Tiffany Doty ~ brother, Tyler Doty ~ grandparents, Charles Naman, and Linda Oliver, and aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends, too numerous to count. Lastly, Thomas' beloved girlfriend Rayne Johnson who thanked Thomas for “choosing me.”


Thomas was special in so many ways; in the last few years he endured so much pain with little complaint and with so much dignity. Thomas fought a tenacious fight, one he believed he would win right up until the end. After three years, Thomas decided to leave this world behind and move on to a place where he can continue to live peacefully in the love and care of our Heavenly Father.


At age 17, Thomas graduated from Washington Youth Academy, in Bremerton, Washington, where many friends and staff loved him dearly. Thomas loved his music, all of his friends, being outdoors, playing his video games as “Train206”. He also made sure he was stepping out in style when going to Raves or parties with his friends. He loved the beach day or night and living in Washington State. He was never without that famous “Thomas Smile” that everyone who knew him could attest to. We will all miss him deeply.


Services will be held at 12:30 pm on Saturday, December, 22, 2012 at Christian Faith Center 33645 20th Ave South Federal Way, Washington 98003.


Please come as we welcome everyone to celebrate Thomas' remarkable life with us.


In lieu of flowers, if you would like to help the Doty family through your donations please go to where you can not only donate, but view “MyVideo” and learn more about how Thomas inspired so many through his incredible journey through life.


We will miss you, our precious boy.








December 7th, 2012


Happy Birthday Thomas!!! December 10th Thomas will celebrate the big 20! We are so proud of you Thomas!!!


Dear Friends,


First, we would like to thank everyone who has supported Thomas through prayers, letters of encouragement, emails, cards, and your donations. Your outpouring of love and support has restored our belief in humanity after that belief took a few serious hits from some unfortunate people. In fact, Thomas has been so touched by the responses coming from people all over the country, and throughout the world that his spirit to fight on is very strong. The cards and letters brought Thomas such joy after reading all the special messages. Thomas felt the support and love that lifted his spirits for the first time in a very long time. We are so very grateful to all of you!


Secondly, please accept our sincere apologies for not keeping Thomas’ page updated as often as we would like. There are many reasons why updates on Thomas' progress have not been posted since we have been waiting for something positive to report. We are at that point now!


As some of you may know, much time was lost getting Thomas to the facility in San Diego and unfulfilled promises to cover Thomas' entire costly treatments hindered any progress Thomas might have made. To make a long story short, we were targeted by a hoaxer that goes by the name of Jonnica Ellis (if that is her true identity). She went to extreme measures to convince us that her offer to help us was legitimate, however, it cost Thomas eight weeks of lost time in terms of receiving any medical attention. Our own fundraising efforts to raise the money to get Thomas to San Diego were put on hold since we believed Ms. Ellis and thought she was an answer to our prayers. What she offered would have been g a miraculous “gift” and thinking it was true, both Thomas and our family were filled with hope. As a result, I quickly began making arrangement to leave for San Diego and the alternative care treatment that we believe will save Thomas’ life.


Unfortunately, the promise went unfulfilled with each passing day, and days turned into weeks with one excuse after another. They came in the form of emails, forged Ally Bank statements, certified cashier’s checks produced and altered by Ms. Ellis herself, while trying to prove she had sent the $250,000, and countless forms of communications via phone calls, texts, and emails telling us the “Check was in the mail” and that she would even cover the costs to save our home from the looming foreclosure with Chase Bank. Ms. Ellis even went so far as to send Thomas a huge bouquet of “Yellow” flowers (Thomas’ favorite color which Ms. Ellis admitted to knowing after viewing Thomas’ website video) with a card that basically told him his troubles were over. We finally realized Jonnica Ellis was just a crazed fan of our friend, Johnathan Hillstrand, from the Deadliest Catch TV series and that Ms. Ellis, after seeing Johnathan’s video asking his fans to help raise funds for Thomas, began using Thomas’ story in a sad attempt to get Johnathan’s attention by making an impression upon him! Links to this media story, covered by many news outlets, can be seen on Thomas' website at


Currently, we are still under threat of being removed from our home in January! I can't work because I am Thomas' 24/7 caregiver and Tom’s search for employment continues
to be just that, an unsuccessful search. It's disheartening to even think about having to move from our home of 14 years. Thomas has been through enough over the last 3 years (we all have) and our home is his and our only “Safe Place”. What the bank wants from us is either the several thousands of dollars of past due mortgage payments, or proof that Tom is employed to justify the bank to allow us to stay. Frankly, I am just too worn out to try and focus on anything other than my two sons. I am battle worn, but will never give up hope. God continues to be my ROCK! My faith has me at peace enough with the Jonnica Ellis situation to focus on caring for my boys and viewing her as just a pathetic person in need of her own spiritual healing.


Over the past three years, Thomas has gone through long term excruciating pain, four major surgeries, and countless chemo sessions that required many admissions to Children’s Hospital. This caused the anticipated nausea, and of course, the extreme weight loss and depression that follows. Being stuck at home is no fun either. He has not left the couch since the day after we arrived home, November 10th. This too is subject to change! Remember, he is 19 and should be out with friends, going to ball games, driving and “hanging out”. All he really wants is to be pain free and able to go to a job. My young man has a sense of what is truly important like few his age!


Thomas is battling and progress is being made. For instance, soon after we arrived in San Diego Thomas was rushed to Children's Hospital Emergency facility due to a new tumor that rapidly began growing during the eight week period of waiting with NO Treatment, after Children’s Hospital said there was nothing more they could offer Thomas. Thomas was in uncontrollable, excruciating pain that could have been prevented weeks before, but by that time the tumor began pressing on the nerves in his lower back. From the facility, we had to rush Thomas to the Emergency Room in downtown San Diego, 45 minutes away - Thomas literally passed out in the car on the way to the hospital! We spent the next 14 days at Children’s where Thomas underwent 6 rounds of painful radiation and had to be transported by ambulance daily that required a 30 minute trip to and from the radiation center. Doctor Young, the founder of the alternative treatment center in San Diego, was convinced and adamant that what Thomas experienced could have been avoided had he started the treatments even 6 weeks earlier! The nearly 8 week stall due to the Ellis hoax set progress back so much so that at one point Children’s, insisted Thomas be admitted into their ICU unit and we were informed they didn't expect he would leave that room! (A mother’s heart can only take so much and mine broke again that day.) There are still so many emotions that accompany this subject that it would literally take a book to convey the whole story. Suffice it to say, Thomas suffered the most horrific pain for weeks due to the delay from a prank played on an innocent, extremely sick, vulnerable young man, by a deranged woman who went to extreme measures to gain the attention of a celebrity.


While at Children’s, Thomas was put on the highest amount of pain medicine that a person his size could be given without it challenging his breathing. I spent most of my days and nights keeping watch over the monitors. He was on a total of 4-5 different pain medications all at once for most of the two week stay. Watching him hooked up to the machines and IV’s day after day was more than I could bare, but I never allowed Thomas to see me with anything less than an assured look of love and confidence that we would soon be on the road to recovery. Because I knew we were!


Unfortunately, after being released from Children’s we only had ten days of Dr. Young's, hands-on, face-to-face attention. Dr. Young was out of the county most the time we were there, but he came straight to Thomas the moment he got off the plane (literally baggage in hand) to tend to Thomas personally. We had Thomas on a daily schedule which helped with the pain and we were seeing some positive results, but we couldn’t continue to stay in San Diego - we had spent the entire donation monies received from many of you on Thomas’ special needs while there and this forced our return home. Thomas was actually relieved to get back home since he was very homesick, but now the costly treatments need to continue as we are finally beginning to see some real progress!


Now that we are home, we are continuing with an excellent protocol which we believe will help Thomas get his life back. We have a doctor who comes here to the house which is great, but again, very costly. It is very slow going because of the set back starting in San Diego which left Thomas very weak and extremely underweight. It will be a tough road, but one that we are taking one day at a time. Since being home, Thomas has not had the strength to walk, but we are slowly gaining ground! Each new day has its own challenges, and rewards, but we are thankful for each new day!


We would appreciate it if you would consider continuing to help support Thomas with donations that will help with the daily costly treatments not covered by insurance. Thank you in advance for your continued prayers and support.  Much love and gratitude to you all!  

Special thanks to laptopstandboss for helping us maintian our blog.

The Doty Family 





September 27th, 2012


On September 17th we arrived at the facility here in San Diego. We almost did not make the flight due to the tremendous pain Thomas was in, but like the brave young man he is, he insisted on getting on the plane. They had a wonderful gal waiting to pick us up at the airport and that is how it has been from the start. The staff here are all such wonderful loving people, who you can tell care deeply about their guests. I have met a few of the guests and each had such encouraging stories of healing and the hope they now have, hope they did not feel before coming here. Their testimonies are amazing and encouraging!


Our first couples of days were very hard in terms of trying to get Thomas’ pain under control. The staff always works around anything Thomas is going through; and yet still makes sure he is receiving the daily care he needs. By the third day, he was feeling much better in terms of pain and healthier in general. His color is much better, dark circles under his eyes were gone and his constant stomach issues from the massive amounts of pain medication he has been taking are gone!!

Thomas is following the pH Miracle for cancer diet to the letter! He is fully onboard and says “I am feeling hope for the first time in three years. I know that I am at the right place and I’m really glad Dr Young has agreed to work with me. I know if I can stay here the entire time Dr. Young feels I need to I will get better.” Each day we were back at home in Washington, he was getting worse and worse. His body was hurting and the pain just continued to increase daily. We did not know what to do, where to turn and time was not on our side. When we found out that we were coming to the pH Miracle Living Facility, it was like we just won the lottery! Now, after being here just one week, we are seeing positive results and that is so encouraging for Thomas that his attitude has also improved and he sees himself in the future; happy, healthy and whole.


We want to thank everyone who has contributed so far and for all of the kind letters, emails and well wishes. They mean so much to us. Please continue to share our story as we are still in fundraising mode. Thomas will need to be here for several more weeks and then there is the follow-up’s and continued costs of the supplies, supplements and possible other treatments.


We will try to keep this site updated each week and believe each new week, will bring positive reports.


God Bless,

The Doty Family

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September 8th, 2012


Two weeks ago, August 24, 2012, Thomas and I headed back to Children's Hospital for a routine chemo treatment; a CT scan was performed as well. After our oncologist shared the CT scan findings - that the tumors were continuing to grow and the chemo was not working, we were NOT prepared for that kind of news! Thomas' oncologist informed us that the combined surgeries, along with the chemo Thomas had received over the past (3) years had, “Run their course.” The only option left was for Thomas to take an (oral) form of chemo. We are skeptical of this course of action since we can't keep putting toxic poison into our son’s body and expect him to get any better due to his weakening immune system. However, given that was our ONLY option at the time we proceeded with the oral chemo that is now causing Thomas extreme nausea - just what he doesn't need.

For almost six weeks Thomas has been taking 300 mg’s of morphine daily to control his pain. To give you an idea of how admirable our son is, Thomas recently chose to cut the amount of morphine in half so that he could return to his job - Thomas just wants to (feel) normal, like any 19 year old young man; he wants to take his girlfriend on dates, make a little money, buy a used car, etc, but THAT dream was shattered two weeks ago after receiving the report from Children's Hospital. At this time, Thomas is at a crucial point, BUT THERE IS HOPE!!


We have extensively researched various cancer centers over the past few months. One center in particular, pH Miracle Living Facility has proved how they completely reversed cancers, even the same type of bone cancer Thomas was diagnosed with. This facility shares countless cases of phenomenal results with late stage cancers and many other diseases! Link to their website:


This cancer center uses an aggressive (but gentle) approach by first, detoxifying the body using various methods, then the body is pumped with rich nutrition along with other forms of therapies such as salt baths, saunas, lymphatic massage, and much more. Conceivably, Thomas could be taken off all his pain medications within a short period of time, producing healthy blood cells once again. Countless testimonials can be found on their website as well as You-Tube. The following website shares just a few of their life-changing testimonials.....


The phMiracle facility is costly, it's also based on a "First Come, First Serve" system, costing $2000.00 per day, plus extra costs for imaging, immune building nutrition and supplements, IV's, and more. Thomas' needs are a minimum of two (2) weeks, basically $40,000.00.


At this point all pride goes out the window! I am begging everyone for help with anything you are able to give so we can take Thomas there NOW! This is it, friends - if anyone is planning on helping Thomas, the time is NOW!


I apologize for being so blunt, but I am frantically trying to raise money this week. My son is in a great deal of pain; (3) years of ongoing pain, coupled with despair, feeling he is running out of time, but he also feels VERY HOPEFUL after his own research of the “pH Miracle Living Facility”.


Please, I am asking for your help, and to share our story by forwarding this website to others. Perhaps there are other friends or companies who you might know that would be willing to donate to help Heal Thomas




On July 16, 2012 a twisted individual took advantage of Thomas' situation after viewing his website; they went to extreme lengths that "convinced" all of us they were authentic, that they were sending a very generous sum of money (bank statements showing deducting amounts, and much more) even promising to cover ALL of Thomas' treatments at the cancer center, as well as save our home! The very next day Thomas received a beautiful bouquet of flowers with an enclosed card from the Hoaxer telling Thomas, "Your worries are over." Unfortunately, TIME was stolen from Thomas; both his and our elation - dashed! I don't understand how someone could be so cruel and heartless, preying on an innocent cancer victim fighting for his life!

Story on Fox News


As you can see, I am a desperate mother pleading for my son. This website has all of the information you need for your donations, including our home address and banking information.

Your help is greatly appreciated,


The Doty Family



July 18, 2012:
Thomas underwent 6 grueling rounds of harsh chemo treatments that took 7 months to complete.  His last session was just under two months ago.  Each round involved a 5 day hospital admission just like before, but like the trooper Thomas is, he completed all the treatments and was excited that summer was close at hand. 
Thomas' oncologist advised him to take a break and enjoy the summer since the chemo proved to be successful after shrinking many tumors, some even disappearing.  Thomas was very relieved and anxious to have his hair return, find employment, have some fun in the sun, and live a "normal life" after his life, as he once knew it, was put on hold for the past 2 1/2 years.  In fact, the day he left his last chemo admission he left the hospital and applied for a job at Home Depot even though he was still feeling the effects of the chemo!  That's Thomas for you!  The news was a great relief to all of us.   However, because Thomas began experiencing pain again over the past several weeks to the point it was intolerable, we headed back to Children's Hospital July 12th, where Thomas had another CT scan performed - The report was not favorable, our elation and sense of relief was short lived.  
Thomas' scans indicated that another large tumor is growing for the 3rd time in the same area where the first two grapefruit sized tumors were previously surgically removed during two separate surgeries within the same year - His lungs show a few more nodules that were not there previously as well.  Prior to the scan Thomas pointed out a new spot on the right side of his rib cage that started out as discomfort, then flat-out pain.  The scan shows a new tumor has formed in his right rib. Previously it was his left side that was involved. 
Our immediate plan of action is for a new form of chemo that the oncologist said they are having success with that should help with the pain and tumors. The oncologist said it will help the tumors in the lungs as well.  Thomas, although very upset about it all, is relieved to know there is something that will help. In the meantime, we are continuing with his other treatments and supplements, when we can afford to purchase them. Our goal is to be able to afford other treatment options that are not chemo related (We have done extensive research) and have proven success. These other options are very expensive and needless to say, not covered by insurance. I am not willing to accept that Thomas cannot use these other treatments because of money, and will continue to seek financial help so he can be given all the options available, and that he deserves.
Thomas started his first job while going through all the above because in his words, "I want to feel normal and not depend on anyone." Thomas is TRULY my hero - I could not be more proud of my ever-growing, striving for independence, strong son! Thomas spent a few days last week training to be a dispatcher for a taxi company!  He loves his job but will now have to take some time off to get the pain under control and his first chemo treatment started.


Talk about bad timing!....Tom had a freak accident the day after we received the news on Thomas' CT scans.  We were still trying to digest that news and make arrangements for treatment as well as ensure Thomas' job would be waiting for him - Thank God his employer is more than understanding and holding his position for him!  
Tom was burning trash when he was caught on fire! While trying to escape, he slipped and fell back into the fire. He received 2nd degree burns to both legs from his ankles to mid thigh as well as his back. I rushed Tom to our local ER where they took him by ambulance to Harborview Hospital's Burn Center for treatment. 
Thanks to our dear friends, Sam Akina, for rushing to the hospital after midnight to be with Tom so I could go back home to be with Thomas, and, Johnathan Hillstrand, who picked Tom up the following day to bring him home! However, that was short lived! Tom was readmitted to Harborview yesterday afternoon, the 17th, due to severe and uncontrollable pain as well as running a high fever - infection may be the culprit. This event is mentioned in the NEW video.
In spite of all that has come our way, I have NOT, and will NOT lose hope or my Faith in God! God's hand is on my family and as HE promised, He will turn, change, and transform Thomas' life as well as restore what was lost over the past 2 1/2 years. 
I can't express enough how much your prayers and words of encouragement mean to me and my family.
Forever Grateful,
Tiffany, Tom, Thomas & Tyler Doty





Original Post June 6th, 2011


On December 10, 1992 our amazing son, Thomas Oliver Doty, was born.

We could never have imagined what lay ahead of us on the most exciting day of our lives when God blessed and entrusted to our care, our precious son, Thomas – Our delight. No parent ever plans to stare cancer in the face, or fight it with the strength and tenacity that Thomas has after being diagnosed Feb 8, 2010. That day changed ALL of our lives instantly! We were instantly thrust into a survival mode and prepared for battle!

Thomas had just turned seventeen; he was enrolled in Washington Youth Academy where he began to experience pain in one of his ribs. Thomas had two X-Rays performed, one during his Thanksgiving break, the second during Christmas break. It was determined Thomas had a badly broken rib that the doctor’s chalked up to strenuous Boot Camp exercise. Little did we know that in late January when Thomas returned home after graduating from the Academy he would be diagnosed with Osteosarcoma; a rare form of bone cancer. Thomas’ dream to tackle the world by playing contact sports such as football and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) would have to wait. However, his aspirations to become a Firefighter wages strong! Thomas made great strides while at the W.Y.A. and earned the full “eight credits” they offered for high school. As a result of Thomas’ hard work he was scheduled to graduate high school early! We were so proud of him, but more importantly, he was proud of himself. It was just 3 short weeks after graduating from the Academy that Thomas learned he had cancer – Instantly, his plan for graduating high school and fulfilling his dreams came to a halt!  

Thomas underwent 10 weeks of harsh chemo treatments, with the idea it would shrink the tumor, but the chemo had little, if no affect on the tumor. Later, Thomas underwent invasive chest surgery to remove the tumor that had grown to the size of a grapefruit. It was later determined the tumor was eating away his rib. Surgery was scheduled after the chemo treatments. The tumor was removed along with large portions of ribs #7, 8, and 9 that were also removed and replaced with titanium ribs – a portion of his oblique muscle was removed and covered with mesh, a small portion of his diaphragm was removed as well. Needless to say, it was an extremely intense day for Thomas, and our entire family. Thomas spent the next 8 days recovering with 2 of those days spent in the ICU.  

After surgery the doctors gave Thomas 4 weeks to recover, to build strength before starting him on another 22 weeks of chemotherapy hoping to kill off any “microscopic” cancer cells that might have been left behind. Although they felt confident they had removed all of the affected tissue, we were told the chemo would likely knock out any lingering cells. We were hopeful!   

Beginning May, 2010 – October, 2010 it felt as though we “lived” at Children’s Hospital, spending 4-6 days and nights with each admission. We couldn’t wait to return home where we could all sleep a little more and find respite from the exhausting treatments.

In October, we were given the green light to take our son home – It was the day we had all been waiting and hoping for – it felt just like the day we took Thomas home from the hospital the day he was born! We were so happy thinking we had dealt with, and won the battle with cancer – FOREVER! Thomas tried to return to school and to a normal life. He determined to get his driver’s license, employment, and start saving for his car. Our family was relieved; ready to get on with living and to get our financial house in order again since it took a heavy toll as well, but that plan was short lived. It was determined in March, 2011 that the microscopic cancer cells were not removed as first thought, causing another grapefruit sized tumor to form – quickly!

The first week in March, 2011, Thomas began feeling mild to moderate pain in the same area as before. An X-ray was taken and after meeting with the surgeon, it was determined the pain was caused by “scar tissue” – We were told not to worry. Thomas was so relieved with the news since all that week he kept saying, “I just know its back.” For Thomas to receive “good news” it was another small victory for our family.

Although we had been told not to worry Thomas continued to feel pain. After two short weeks, it was obvious the “scar tissue” (what the surgeon first thought to be the issue) was enlarging. I called the surgeon and demanded that a CT scan be scheduled. The surgeon’s report was not what we were expecting, and certainly not what we were prepared to hear when the surgeon said, “Thomas, I’m sorry, but we’re back to square one.” I can’t even begin to describe what this does to a mother’s heart – how, in that moment, you want to scream, cry, hit a wall, completely break down – Yet, I knew I had to keep my emotions in check for Thomas’ sake – he needed to see and draw upon MY strength to keep him from panicking.

Knowing what lay ahead of Thomas, his friends invited him to Florida hoping to distract him from what lay waiting for him at home. Additionally, we all wanted Thomas to enjoy some fun and sun for a change before facing another major surgery. Thomas left the next day where he spent a week in the warm Florida sun. Although Thomas was in pain, he took his pain medications along, but he didn’t care! – THAT is what makes Thomas, Thomas! Our son has the greatest attitude of any child or adult I have ever known. Through all of his hospital stays, no matter how horrible he felt, or how much pain he was in, when a doctor, nurse, or janitor walked into his room he always had a smile on his face and would ask, “So, how are you today?” Thomas is forever mindful about other people’s feelings and when he flashes you that smile of his, your heart just melts, you can’t help but think to yourself – God has blessed us with the greatest son! Thomas, and his brother, Tyler, are truly our greatest gifts from God!  

March 26, 2011, just 5 months after being deemed cancer free, Thomas underwent his second major invasive surgery to his chest. This time, Thomas was even more frightened than the first surgery. In all, three ribs were removed and replaced with titanium ribs. Portions of his diaphragm, as well as muscle tissue from his back was also removed. Thomas will not undergo Chemo or Radiation treatments this time since the Chemo didn’t seem to have an effect on the first tumor. The surgeon was very satisfied with the margin of “Clean Tissue” he was able to remove, with the pathology report coming back clear as well. This was another “good news” day just 2 weeks after his surgery! However, we admit, it is always disturbing waiting for so many hours before the doctors come to share their findings.  

We KNOW that Thomas will live a long FULL LIFE and fulfill his dreams. In the process, he will pay it forward by helping other kids who will hear the same unfortunate news just as Thomas once did. I have always told Thomas, “I don’t know why this is happening to you, why you have to go through all of this pain and suffering, but I know in my heart of hearts that something GOOD will come from this.” Deep down, I believe Thomas knows this too. My brave young son’s “TEST” will become his TESTIMONY!!

Cancer not only has a horrendous emotional effect on the entire family, it takes a horrendous toll on a family’s resources. Little did we know that our entire Retirement Portfolio, the equity in our home, as well as other retirement resources that our Financial Planner so painstakingly advised us to invest in (approx two years of emergency monies) vanished in short order. Additionally, the year prior to Thomas’ diagnosis, we were forced to close one of our business’s due to the economy.

Because our family has never been in this situation before, it’s not only embarrassing, but extremely humbling and very stressful having to juggle both Thomas’ needs and our lack of resources to meet those needs. With all our resources having been depleted, and trying to stay afloat, we resorted to selling anything that held monetary value. We struggled, and continue to be burdened with the lack of money to buy simple things, for example, fuel, for the necessary round trips to Children’s Hospital. We are doing our best to keep the reality of our financial affairs from the boys. The last thing we want is for our sons, especially Thomas, to think about the idea of losing our home.

We are actively searching for ways to restore our financial affairs and we are open to anything! Both Tom and I continue to seek employment. Tom has sent out hundreds of resumes desperately trying to find work. Tom is a twenty-two year Boeing Engineer veteran who gave up that position to work as the Project Manager for our property that we were developing in Roslyn, WA. Prior to the economy tanking the project, along with the company I was forced to close stated earlier, provided a very comfortable lifestyle for our family. That being said, our family is in dire need of help.

Our friends suggested we start a “fund” on Thomas’ behalf. Your donations will help by providing a way to pay for the necessary treatments and supplements prescribed by Seattle’s Cancer Treatment and Wellness Center. The Center has wonderful advanced programs that help people to go into remission, and remain there. Unfortunately, these services, medications, and supplements are NOT covered! Thomas has many medical needs such as physical therapy, special nutritional needs, and supplements to boost his immune system and we don’t have the means to cover the cost. In addition to the real threat of losing our home, we have resorted to borrowing money to keep the utilities on, buy groceries, and the simple day-to-day living expenses – Thus, one of the reasons for creating this website, and humbly asking for your help. 

With your help, we can continue to keep Thomas headed in the right direction. Your donations will also provide a stable and peaceful home for Thomas and our family until we can find gainful employment and become self sufficient once again. At present, our home is in foreclosure, and along with Thomas’ ongoing needs, we are battle-worn and overwhelmed.

Any and all donations/gifts will be used specifically for the reasons stated above.  We thank you in advance for your kindness and generosity.

Thank You,

The Doty Family  


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There are several ways to send donations. To send via PayPal please click the PayPal link at the top of the page. To send direct deposit donations through Chase Bank please use the email If you would like to donate by mail, send to: 21516 SE 258th St. Maple Valley, WA 98038. Letters of encouragement and support are also welcomed!

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